Our business areas

Our packaging solutions ensure that goods and objects are both stored and transported without being damaged. We offer a wide range of various packaging products, all of which can be adapted to meet specific needs.

In our product range, you can choose from shock-proof packaging, corrugated board/cardboard boxes, Starkwell, plywood crates, anti-static/dissipating boxes, bubble plastic/bubble bags, form-cast packaging, and flexible polyfoam and cellular plastic. You can also find pallets and displays.

Find your solutions for storage and transport from Emballageteknik – your packaging supplier!

We design and manufacture shock-proof packaging of polyfoam and cellular plastic. Our equipment ensures efficient manufacturing of both shorter and longer production batches. We manufacture both die-cut boxes and slotted boxes, with and without print, and have a large quantity of standard boxes in stock. [Contact us for a product catalogue] [Kontakta oss för en produktkatalog]

We also manufacture shock-proof and practical packaging products of cellular polyethylene and dissipating materials. We manufacture and sell plywood crates and cases for transport and storage and can deliver boxes and cases in standard dimensions directly from our stock, with or without inserts.

For ESD sensitive equipment, we design packaging products of dissipating materials approved by SP. Form-cast polyurethane packaging Instapak® ensures low tooling costs and quick deliveries. As we manufacture both pallets, corrugated board boxes, and inserts, we can design comprehensive combined solutions.

Manufacturing and design of boxes, inserts, display packaging, etc. We apply digital print as well as offset and screen print, depending on the quality requirements and batch sizes. We can manufacture short production batches as we can use the digital cutting technology in our fully automatic CAD cutter by Zund.

We design and manufacture everything from simple unprinted slotted boxes to advanced display packaging and display stands with four-colour process print. We offer screen print, flexography, and digital print in our production. Our automatic cutting machine can produce complicated designs without any initial tooling costs.

Manufacturing of construction products. We have our own manufacture of sealing strips, concrete cover carpets, profile strips, and much more. We also manufacture the patented impact sound insulation material Stepisol®, viscoelastic boards and strips for sound-insulating floor underlays for constructing residential buildings, offices, sports halls, nurseries and ventilator and equipment rooms, among others. We also manufacture structure-borne sound insulating strips, sealing strips, and other products for the construction industry.

Subcontracted polyfoam and cellular plastic industrial components. Our equipment can handle most of the various specifications for processing polyfoam and cellular plastic.

We manufacture hygiene products used in the healthcare sector. Some of our products: the Babyrén washcloths, positioning cushions for healthcare, sponges, special mattresses, etc.

Plastic and aluminium cases. Emballageteknik has a wide range of standard plastic and aluminium cases in stock. Our factory in Tallinn manufactures cases in dimensions required by the client. We also manufacture polyfoam and cellular plastic inserts.