The EUPS standard

The EUPS (End Use Performance Standard) establishes the quality requirements for corrugated board. It functions as a universal standard applied throughout the EU. The material must achieve certain values in various tests, which are described below.

Edge crush test
Edge crush resistance, or the ECT value, refers to the stacking resistance of the material. The test is performed by applying force in the direction of the fluting and measuring how much force is needed to crush it.

Bursting strength
This test indicates the resistance of the corrugated board to careless handling. It measures the corrugated board’s toughness and the pressure it can bear under a pressure load between two circular plates.

Flat crush test
Also known as the FCT value. This test measures the strength of the fluting and the corrugated board’s ability to withstand crushing. The test is performed by applying pressure perpendicular to the flat layer.

Bending stiffness
This characteristic also contributes to the stackability of corrugated board. Bending stiffness measures how well a corrugated board sheet withstands folding when bent. The liner quality and the board thickness are the important factors here.