Double-walled plastic bags

The outer wall absorbs blows and shocks. The intermediate air cushion is an effective safety zone that protects the inner wall and the contents.

The construction provides a strong, light and stable bag that can withstand blows and shocks at about 1/2 the price compared to an aluminum bag.

The outer wall is structured, which gives a scratch-resistant surface.

Material: environmentally friendly and recyclable polypropylene or polyethylene plastic.

ET currently offers around 50 different models from Europe’s leading manufacturers and there is a good chance that you will find what you are looking for with us.

Hofbeuer Megabag

Standard colors: black, light gray

Art.Nr. Modell Innermått(LxWxH)
354046 Megabag 1000 400x290x140
354052 Megabag 2000 471x346x130
354054 Megabag 3000 469x346x130
354057 Megabag 4000 469x344x180

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