Double-walled plastic cases

The outer wall absorbs impacts and shocks. The air cushion between the walls acts as an efficient protective zone, protecting the inner wall and the contents.
The design guarantees a strong, lightweight, and stable impact and shock resistant case for approximately half of the price of an aluminium case.

The outer wall is texturised for a scratch-resistant surface.

Material: environmentally friendly and recyclable polypropylene or polyethylene plastic.

ET currently offers approx. 50 different models from leading European manufacturers and it is highly likely that you will find what you need from us.

Hofbeuer Megabag
Standard colours: black, light grey

Art.No. Model Inside dimensions (L×W×H)
354046 Megabag 1000 400x290x140
354052 Megabag 2000 471x346x130
354054 Megabag 3000 469x346x130
354057 Megabag 4000 469x344x180

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