Assembly, generally. Stepisol is applied directly to the substrate; soffit or concrete floor. It is important that boards are not attached to the soffit with nails or simular.

Remodeling of apartment or attic At least 2x 16 mm chipboard is used as the subfloor board. If 30 mm Stepisol boards are used in combination with plastic or linoleum flooring, the construction meets air and step sound class B in SS 02 52 67 on wooden floorboards and class A on concrete floorboards.

Gym floor. Stepisol Silence 300 Gray 60 mm in combination with 13-30 mm rubber mat, the best for reducing the sound of heavy dumbbells and rods being dropped on the floor.

Beam floor made out of wood or concrete: Stepisol frame soundproofing is adhered or glued to the joists before installation of subfloor construction.

Sports Flooring. Stepisol board (50 mm) and 2x 16 mm chipboard, as well as plastic or wood floor coverings.

Engine room. Concrete slabs (type garden slabs) with lump board on top are used as subfloor construction. The underfloor construction is done in the same way as an apartment or attic (see above).

Building Product Declarations. The products are declared in building materials.